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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

The main creator and designer, Atousa G., created a collection for those who dance their hearts out. Her collection is perfect for dancers and believers of music. What you'll find in her collection is a variations of layering, dragon scales, fringe, and a lot of sequins!

My client, Tal Navarro, is a big time journalist and marketing expert wearing @alinecalledk black jumpsuit for Los Angeles Fashion Week 2017.

You may be thinking, "What does 'K' stand for?" K stands for "Kouture". The line was born on the dance floor and raised by rhythm as the entire cutting-edge collection for both men and women was inspired by the global dance community.

Atousa G. is the woman behind the collection. Her sexy and flattering lines are born in the Bay, honed in LA, and worn by DJs and fashionistas worldwide. In 2017 Atousa G expanded her fashion house with the launch of her new brand of “street kouture,” A Line Called K. with iconic, legendary looks that never sacrifice comfort, inspired by, and designed for the electronica dance community.

California-based Atousa G. is a brand in and of herself: artist, designer, stylist, creative entrepreneur, and international electronic music maven. Always staying true to her passion for underground culture and electronic music, Atousa G. has pioneered independent fashion scenes since the 1990s. Overtime Atousa came to have the dream of combining her with her greatest loves: Fashion and the underground dance community. She attended raves with Julia and they spent every weekend on the dance floor living it up, doing the most!!! Sooner or later, Julia and Atousa launched their own clothing line together and racked up countless press pieces in all the major junior fashion magazines, LA Times, Apparel News, and more. **Current press** Atousa G's designs have been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Seventeen, Teen, LA Weekly and more. Her clothing line has been sold internationally in top boutiques such as Patricia Fields in New York, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, and Villains in San Francisco. Atousa recently returned to her Bay Area roots to open the popular Heroes & Hairoines salon, day spa and boutique in Marin’s trendy San Rafael. She brought an edgy vibe that was badly needed there and continues her involvement in fashion and music.

Explained by Atousa herself, "It is a progressive collection of club wear with couture touches. Recently I have been traveling the world, selling the line through pop-ups at major music events and festivals. The demand has become so great I am now working on building an e-commerce platform for online sales", check out her website and shop her line if you need a Coachella/festival outfit. Click here

A Line called K is only the latest in her creative projects. A celebrated figure in the electronic dance music and independent fashion scenes, Atousa began her career as an early rave promoter while a student at acclaimed fashion school Los Angeles Trade Tech in the 90s. Atousa was one of the first female designers in the street-wear field with her line popular line, A Liquid Affair. She led fashion shows at major raves such as Circa.

In the early 2000s, she launched her eponymous line, Atousa G, taking her club styles upscale as her clientele’s needs grew up and changed. Around the same time, she ran the Bookher Agency, specializing in booking women DJs, make-up artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists. She also created Hi-Roller, a brand of custom made DJ and music gear cases, inventing the first rolling record case with a light, head phone compartment, and removable handle. Hi-Roller products were extremely popular with hard traveling touring artists, such as Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys, Grand Master Flash, and the world champion DJ Craze, to name a few. Atousa continues to partner with other like-minded counter culture companies and event producers such as Desert Hearts and Sublevel/Doc Martin to create customized merchandise.

In the early 2000's, she created "Sew Down", a fashion event infused with music, art and technology that brings edgy independent designers together with well known DJ's for one of LA Fashion Week’s most popular events. Sew Down provides an important platform to showcase the work of emerging designers, and Atousa continues to foster the work of other artists. Sew Down events have given more than 120 designers the opportunity to showcase their fashions and sell their wares to an eclectic and trend setting audience. The Los Angeles Times called Sew Down events, “Where up-and-coming designers up and come."

Atousa designs for and styles rock-stars and superstar DJ's including Boy George, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Gwen Steffani, DJ Sandra Collins, DJ Cassie, DJ Lee Curtis, Soul Clap, Pillow Talk, Living Color, DJ Worthy, DJ Nikita, DJ Tara Brooks, and more. She has also styled noted celebrities including billionaire Calvin Ayre, who was featured on the cover of Forbes magazines. Her designs have also been featured on the big screen in movies such as Clueless, A Night at the Roxbury and in several music videos.

Check out cutting edge street wear || For the dancer and beyond

www.alinecalledk.com || Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @alinecalledk

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