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2019 Trends As Seen on Celebrities

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Hi loves!

LIFE UPDATE: It's been an interesting past year of growth and extended education, BUT I AM BACK Y'ALL. If you haven't noticed, I re-branded my blog to make it more personal and to expand my professional life as a Realtor!

My previous blog, Style2Beatz, was a hit and many people were sad to see it go (which was bittersweet). With that said, I am back and here to update you on some of my favorite trends I've been seeing all year!

1. Neon is back and THRIVING

2. Latex is taking over!

3. Belt Bags are a hit this year.

4. Silk Skirts are taking over the business look! Shop www.Mickeysgirl.com!

5. Animal prints never left and is thriving.

6. Puff shoulders are BACK.

7. Circle Bags are everywhere.

8. Shield Sunglasses are in!

9. Tye Die & 70's vibes are making its way back into fashion.

10. Square Toe Sandals are Kylie's obsession!

11. Silk Scrunchies & Silk Headbands are saving hairs everywhere.

With that said, GO SHOPPING LADIES!


Kavita V.

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